Reasons to Celebrate National Farmer's Market Week


It's National Farmers Market Week! Wondering why you should celebrate? We have a few ideas on how you can make the most out of this week that is celebrated nationwide and why it's a great idea to do so. You may even honor it every other week too, without even knowing it!

You're Supporting Local Businesses
By going to a farmers market in your community, you're helping support the local businesses that spend their time assuring you get the best and tastiest goods!

It's Healthy
Nowadays, a ton of the food we eat is processed and not very healthy for us to consume. At farmers markets, visitors can purchase healthy options for their favorite fruits, vegetables and various other food items that are sold there.

It's Affordable
Shopping at a farmers market can be less expensive than going to the grocery store. And since the market supports local vendors and jobs, according to Farm Flavor, this in turn returns more than three times as much of their sales to the local economy compared to chain/national businesses!

It's Fun
Instead of being indoors shopping at the grocery store, some farmers markets allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while wandering around in search for the food you need. You also interact with more people shopping this way. 

Do you shop at Farmers Markets? If so, let us know in the comments below!



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